You, rock of age with eyes,
ears, and memories,
were you there in the dark
before the light came
to reveal your form?
Did you see the spirit of God
hovering over the waters?
Or did you fade away
when the oceans covered you up
and whittled you down to nothing,
then came back to life again?
Did you survive all those years?
Did you see early man
meandering about his cave?
Did he pick you up to start a fire?
Or did he paint you with
the juice of the berries?
Or chisel you down to a point,
and mount you on a pole for a spear,
and thrust it into the heart of his enemy?
How many men acted out
their aggression and how many didn’t?
Or did he use you for the hunt,
the killing of a bear, the eating of its flesh
and using the hide to keep him warm?
Did you see the forests dying
then coming back to life again?
Did you see the oceans
mottling the shores?
If you could speak to me, I could be
nearing the threshold of wisdom
and living in the shadow of God.

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Nelson D Reyes
8 months

Same here. Wish we could listen to its storied age-old life before we step over the threshold. But this poem told it already.
Thanks Robert. Beautiful as always. Like and fave.

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