Once upon a time, I too believed in faeries
I once upon a time believed in hidden secrets just below the surface
But as the world gets older so do I
And as much as I am bold I am just as nervous
Once upon a time, I loved like no other
I just couldn’t hate the things I’d received
Once more, twice more
Everything had been stripped away from me
I once believed the trees were alive
And that the moon was more than just a rock in the sky
That dwelling by day wasn’t worth as much as night
But once upon a time
Was a long time ago
I no longer knock upon secret doors
I no longer search for the life unseen
Because what once was
Is now what used to be
Once upon a time; I pretended to howl at the stars
I once upon a time believed there was more to what I’ve known
But once upon a time came and went
And as the world ages I grow old
I am not part of the seen
I was once part of the unseen
But I can’t get back what used to be
Which was falling from the sky; falling from my dream
And if I could I’d take it back
I would go to that land far away
My imagination is growing tired
And I am growing tired to stay
My soul once upon a time reached the tops of mountains
My thoughts crossed the biggest seas
My head thought the wildest things
My voice held a thousand screams
But I just am what I never could be
I am what I’ve lost
Once upon a time, I wanted that life
But once upon a time
Was just that
Nothing more than a mere moments’ regret


Faeries; Dreams; Imagination; Regret; Desire

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