Complexly simple
The focal temple
Shelters a hidden smile
Looking at me all the while
Come closer
Entrancing and inescapable
These perceptual contrivances
An intuitional knowing
Shattering antediluvian barriers
Of converging tension
This absolute suspension
Intoxicated by the spoken thought
That lingered there
Craved and caught
Come closer
Another player upon the stage
To draw the sword and disengage
A messenger of furious light
Filling me with inner sight
Ravager of what I am
Come closer
Feel this unending want
The subtlety becomes a science
Sitting in a dangerous silence
Undressing, confessing
Incessant digressing
Crying out with piercing eyes
It lives in multitudinous sighs
Waking and appearing
Another moment nearing
Speak again those words
Complexly simple
The focal temple
Come closer

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