Time Leans its Heavy Shadow

Time leans its heavy shadow
Over my shoulder.
Why must I do this to myself?
Perceptive eyes are watching,
Catching ambiguities
With minds made of nets.
Once it was release,
Speaking like this to you.
Now I fear it corners me
In unreciprocated transparency;
Melting me into pooled composites,
Adhering me to elemental memories.
I invite you to the doorway
Of this racing mind,
But you stand out in the yard.
Just beyond the beckoning
Forests of abstractions
And unsubstantial conversations,
Holding in your precious hands
Purple lilacs and scarlet lilies,
While moonflowers wilt
Upon my hearth décor.
I had hoped to solidify
This construct of you.
For when I dream
I know I have not long to wait
In these subconsciously
Manifesting thoughts,
Before I see you again.
I paused a moment in moonlight
That painted the snow-covered ground
Reflective shades of indigo,
While hallucinations of laughter
Echoed in the fleeting stars.
You passed by a thousand times,
While I was buried and gazing
Out of a small, white window.
I longed for the warmth of spring
To melt me from this cage.
To reach my hand through the air
And destroy this lasting silence,
To fill it with your name...
Yet you passed by a thousand times
While I was buried and gazing.
It is but constant repetition
That I swore to never trespass again.
To be this vulnerable;
To convey the distance of my mind
Through eyes, blue and pondering.
But, darling, here I am,
And here I will remain.
Until this dwindling candle
Sears my mind with light
And fills my heart with you.
Until this mind-melding, fate-welding
Experience fills the pages
Of every forgotten story...
As time leans its heavy shadow
Over my shoulder.


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