In shadows cast I find my past, to delve into my roots
That birthed the tree that is now me, and the path that now transmutes
The sun hath set in lands unmet, and there I take my leave
To finally cleanse this distorted lens of who you may perceive;
The chlorophyll that doth distill the colors of my being;
You’ll never know what seeds may grow, until your eyes start seeing
We all connect and all convect inside this shared existence
Apart we stand and thus disband, until we overcome distance
The forest around projects a sound “Uproot yourself and move”
“This is my place and will not embrace those whom disapprove”
The feeling within transpires my skin, as trees begin to flee
For they do not behold a feeling gold, as what resides in thee
The wind gently stirs and sends quiet whispers of all hidden things
“Love is a power, and of hate will scour, in the beauty that it brings”
My heart is warmed and memories swarmed of sweetly parted lips
For I have known this love I’ve shown, entangled in its courtships
My chest doth burn in what I yearn, these secrets I could tell
For in my heart a flame could start, burning the organs that dwell
These flowers do bloom and of me consume with everlasting scent
Longing to share with those who care, but alas I must lament
For those as such with kinder touch are far and few between
I’ll keep inside and not confide– my fate is unforeseen
Still I reach and long to teach, it doesn’t have to be so
But in vain my words do strain, upon deaf ears they go
The stars do listen, and see, they glisten - vast is their expanse
Burning their fuels, blazing like jewels, they greet my steady glance
Sounds project what I protect, and in return they travel
Galaxies away, night and day, my purpose doth unravel
My hand does find the one entwined, and I am not alone
The presence here I do not fear, but seeps into my bone
It is of what I speak and flays under critique, but know that it is real
We all do wish to never parish, and to know that we can feel
But keep in mind and be not blind, for our roots closely resemble
We all possess and all obsess for what we can assemble
Have we not limbs and impulsive whims, are we not the same?
In being united these wrongs are righted, and together we proclaim
That I am you, and you are too, units of this measure
Intrinsically we are particles of star, and each a mass to treasure


Unity, healing love,

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