To my beautiful & courageous wife Andrea.

So many times
I’ve failed to conquere
O’ how I’ve failed to
pull you from your shadow
Too many nights we fought while it grew
O’ how I’ve let madness
sicken you
I watched it feed on your
O’ how the heart you’ve given others can’t slow untimely departure
Too many days I fed you the spoiled fruit of your fears
O’ how my logic fanned the flames of Hell trying to dry our tears
So for those nights that  
I’ve  stolen rare serenity
O’ please tell me you can
and will outlive me
I’m left to wander your loathsome emptiness
O’ how those you live for
need you to now be selfish
My god forsaken waters   Purified by Virgo
Swallowed by her earth
You make me WHOLE!
So murder fucking Cancer
Because this sensitive Fish can’t fuckin’ make you!
Neptune rises between
Pisces & Virgo
This fish fights 'cause two Angeles can’t fuckin’ follow!
His demons infiltrate your body hiding in your  shadows
Escape your shadow prison I’m your fuckin’ REASON!
Written by: J.A. Lutz

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dre dreaming
over 7 years

forever and always; my heart and yours.

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